The International Event Market


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Version 10.0 of 05/06/2021

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The International Event Market

Study Programmes
  • Betriebswirtschaft und Management - WiSo (B.A.)
  • International Management (B.A.)
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Mission Statement

This module conveys the international event perspective. Demonstrating the positive and negative impacts and legacies of events, a variety of different events around the world are analysed and discussed. The module demonstrates the importance of events for local, regional and national economies, international tourism and destination marketing.

  • Introduction: The international event market
  • Key players in the international event market
  • Event types and forms
  • Events in a globalised world: organising and managing events for diverse target groups and different cultural backgrounds
  • Event impacts and legacies
  • The role of events for tourism, destination marketing and local, regional and national economies
  • Contemporary issues in Event Management
Learning Outcomes

Knowledge Broadening
Students who successfully complete this module understand the international event market, including its key players and stakeholders.
Knowledge Deepening
Students who successfully complete this module can
- identify the main event types and categories.
- demonstrate a critical understanding of key socio-cultural, political, economic and environmental event impacts and their consequences.
- distinguish event legacies from event impacts and identify positive and negative legacies of major events.
- explain the role of events for national, regional and local economies, international tourism and destination marketing.

Instrumental Skills and Competences
Students who successfully complete this module
- can identify and analyse international, national and local issues that impact on organised events.
- identify key event stakeholders and analyse their responses to contemporary event issues.
- develop and discuss strategies to effectively address and manage contemporary event is-sues applying relevant literature.

Communicative Skills and Competences
Students who successfully complete this module can demonstrate effective communication and team working skills.
Systemic Skills and Competences
Students who successfully complete this module can suggest solutions on how to deal with complex negative event impacts and legacies as well as contemporary issues faced by events.

Mode of Delivery

LecturesGroup workIndividual and group presentationsCase studies

Expected Knowledge and/or Competences


Responsible of the Module

Werner, Kim

  • Werner, Kim
  • Temme, Thomas


Concept of Study and Teaching
Workload Dozentengebunden
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15betreute Kleingruppen
Workload Dozentenungebunden
Std. WorkloadLehrtyp
Recommended Reading

Allen, J., O'Toole, W., Harris, R., & McDonnell, I. (2011). Festival and Special Event Management. (5th ed.) Milton: Wiley

Beech, J., Kaiser, S., & Kaspar, R. (2014). The Business of Events Management. Harlow, UK: Pearson

Getz, D. (2005). Event Management and Event Tourism. New York: Cognizant Communications Corporation

Graded Exam
  • Portfolio exam
  • Homework / Assignment

1 Term

Module Frequency

Only Winter Term

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