Procurement and Production Logistics


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Version 18.0 of 06/04/2020

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Procurement and Production Logistics

Study Programmes
  • Betriebswirtschaft und Management - WiSo (B.A.)
  • Internationale Betriebswirtschaft und Management (B.A.)
  • International Management (B.A.)
Level of Module


Mission Statement

This module shall provide general knowledge on how to service a production facility, e.g. how to supply it with all the goods needed starting with the procurement of those from external partners.


1 General Aspects
1.1 Basics
1.2 Planning
1.3 Industry 4.0 and Communication Systems

2 Procurement Logistics
2.1 Role of Purchasing Logistics
2.2 Total Cost Analysis - Impact on Strategies and Structures
2.3 Strategic / Global Sourcing - Sourcing Process / Supply Risks

3 Production Logistics
3.1 Strategy Level: LEAN, XPS and TPS
3.2 Structural Level: Control Concepts (PUSH, PULL)
3.3 System Level Material Supply Systems and Maintenance

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge Broadening
Students who successfully complete this module
- get to know to the system elements of modern procurement and production logistics concepts and their interrelations.
- learn about the pros and the cons of the procurement and production logistics concepts in order to be able to select them suitably for a given scenario.
- critically evaluate the procurement and production logistics concepts in respect to their effect on efficiency and sustainability.
- test simple tools to support the procurement and production logistics concepts.

Knowledge Deepening

Instrumental Skills and Competences

Communicative Skills and Competences

Systemic Skills and Competences

Mode of Delivery

lecture with activating elements and exerciseshomework (various tasks)

Expected Knowledge and/or Competences

basics of logistics, motivation for production supply

Responsible of the Module

Freye, Diethardt

  • Freye, Diethardt
  • Schüller, Michael
  • Bruns-Vietor, Sabine
  • Jacob, Axel
  • Temme, Thomas


Concept of Study and Teaching
Workload Dozentengebunden
Std. WorkloadLehrtyp
Workload Dozentenungebunden
Std. WorkloadLehrtyp
Recommended Reading
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Quayle 2006
  • Fundamentals of Production Logistics, Nyhuis / Wiendahl 2008
  • A Dynamic Bottleneck-oriented Manufacturing Control System, Huaxin Liu, GITO mbH Verlag, 2011
  • Procurement 20/20: Supply Entrepreneurship in a Changing World, Spiller, Peter, McKinsey & Co; 2014
  • A Short Guide to Procurement Risk, Russill, Richard, Gower Publishing Limited; 2010
  • Project Procurement Management: Contracting, Subcontracting, Teaming, Fleming, Quentin, Fmc Pr; 2003
Graded Exam
  • Two-Hour Written Examination
  • Portfolio exam
  • Homework / Assignment
Assessment Methods Remark

if presentation and assignment are used, the main element is the assignment, the presentation is meant to be a support in the process of putting the content of the assignment in a logical order


1 Term

Module Frequency

Winter and Summer Term

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