Global Marketing Management


Faculty of Business Management and Social Sciences


Version 7.0 of 10/19/2017

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Global Marketing Management

Study Programmes

International Management (B.A.)

Level of Module


  1. Marketing planning process
  2. Market research
  3. Product performance (product and price)
  4. Profile performance (communication)
  5. Presence performance (distribution)
  6. Marketing mix in a variety of situations

    All areas will address the peculiarities existing within the international context.
Learning Outcomes

Knowledge Broadening
Students acquire a foundational understanding of the instruments in the areas of products, pricing, communication and distribution.
Knowledge Deepening
They are familiar with current concepts and processes used in practice. They are also able to appreciate all aspects correctly, also in an international context, and make decisions appropriate to the situation.
Instrumental Skills and Competences
They are able to make decisions in individual instrumental areas or in connected areas on the advantages of individual measures.
Communicative Skills and Competences
They are able to differentiate complex connections and cultural features in presentations and small groups and present them in a target-orientated way.
Systemic Skills and Competences
They are able to work in marketing departments of a variety of companies, in different sectors and numerous cultural areas due to their knowledge of operative marketing.

Mode of Delivery

Lectures, case studies, guest lectures, self-study

Expected Knowledge and/or Competences

Basic knowledge of marketing

Responsible of the Module

Wolf, Alexander Karsten

  • Griese, Kai Michael
  • Roll, Oliver


Concept of Study and Teaching
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Recommended Reading

Kotler, Philip/Keller, Kevin: Marketing Management (13th Edition), 2008

Burns, Alvin/Bush, Ronald F.: Basic Marketing Research Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis (2nd Edition), 2007

Keegan, Warren J./Green, Mark C.: Global Marketing (5th Edition) (Paperback), 2007

Graded Exam

Two-Hour Written Examination

Assessment Methods Remark

1-hour written examination + assignments/2-hour written examination


1 Term

Module Frequency

Winter and Summer Term

Language of Instruction