Spring School: Information in Healthcare - From Data to Knowledge

Information in Healthcare - From Data to Knowledge

International Spring School 08.-12.05.2023

The international Spring School includes a week-long (5-day) series of interactive, face-to-face courses and a preliminary online preparation-phase. Case studies and problem-based learning will be used so you can interact and learn from other participants about eHealth systems and cultures across Europe and the importance of an interprofessional approach to the three topics.

The content of the Spring School will be taught by teachers from Germany, Finland, Portugal and the USA.



Academic Lead

Prof. Dr. Ursula Hübner
E-Mail: u.huebner@hs-osnabrueck.de


Nicole Egbert, M.A.
E-Mail: n.egbert@hs-osnabrueck.de


The Spring School is embedded in the following projects: The Osnabrück Career Path to a Professorship at a University of Applied Sciences (CarLa), Future Skills.Applied and Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships