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Study in the the City of Peace - OSNABRÜCK!

Osnabrück is a safe, walkable and historic city in northwestern Germany - an ideal place to study!

Here's what our international students appreciate about the city and its surrounding area:

Nguyen Tramt from Vietnam:

Osnabrück is a friendly, cozy and peaceful city in Germany. The city is the ideal destination for students thanks to affordable living expenses. It's a place where you most precisely get to know the German culture.

Modesta Adulyte from Lithuania:

Osnabrück is a perfect city for a student. Everything is quite concentrated easily reached. The city has lots to offer: swimming pools, ice-skating arena, cinemas, theatres, gyms, different bars, restaurants and clubs, green areas, like a lake. I highly recommend it!

Jose Armando Grimaldo Mendez from Mexico:

Osnabrück is a perfect city because it is neither too big nor too small. You can reach easily any place either by bus, bike or even walking. Another good reason for choosing Osnabrück is because it is located in a very convenient geographical place. You can easily reach other nice cities from Germany, such as Hamburg, Hannover or Cologne, even another countries, such as the Netherlands, Denmark or Belgium!