What our students say about the dual studies

We have already explained the advantages for your company (here). But what does the students think of this training? Where do they see the advantages of a dual study program? What are their experiences?

We asked four dual students.

Sebastian, Business Studies

As a student, the dual study program gives me the opportunity to transer the theoretical content from the lecture directly into the corporate language. For this reason, the dual study programme was interesting for me and gave me the opportunity to collect professional experience in a large corporation. A successful start into working life is thus facilitated. Companies benefit from students who have not only theoretical knowledge, but also profound experience in practice. The dual study program is therefore a great opportunity to train specialists, who are taught not only theoretical knowledge, but can also actively participate in the company.

Katharina, Business Economics

My motivation of studying a dual programme was the combination between theory and the practical work. It is very good when I can transfer and exercise the knowledge directly into my job after I learned it in class. If companies in SA would give students the opportunity to learn and work at the same time it would be  a profit for both parts. Students could learn better and companies can form their workers in the way they need them. Companies should try new ways to get more successful. Like Mark Twain said the first step of getting ahead is getting started!

Christian, Industrial Engineering

For me the change between studies at an university and working at a company is an optimal mix for developing business experience and the necessary theoretical background at the same time. You are learning a lot about company processes, social interactions as well as intern structures and how to connect it with the taught knowledge from the lectures. Due to this pre- experience you have a much higher chance to get employed afterwards. For most companies it is even common to appoint all of their dual students. And though it is not always easy and there are still plenty of long nights of learning upcoming, I would definitely recommend the dual system as the best way to build yourself a strong fundament for your business future!

Lena, Industrial Engineering

I am enthusiastic about the principle of a dual study programme. In this way, I can regain and deepen the learned knowledge in practice. In addition, a company supports its dual students with a broad knowledge. A dual degree program gives you the opportunity to get a broad overview of other companies so you do not have a single view. I think that the introduction of the dual system in South Africa offers to both - the company and the future dual students - many opportunities to make contacts that would not have otherwise arisen. There are suitable and motivated students today and probably also in the future. But why waiting for something that could be done and realized now?