About the project

The Institute for Dual Studies at the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrueck has made very good experience with the training of dual students for years. Currently, approximately 1,000 students are registered. The networking of theory and practice plays a central role in the Institute for Dual Studies.

The project team would like to pass on these positive experiences. The survey is intended to find out whether South African students and companies can also benefit from a dual study program.

Project Manager Dr. Josef Gochermann has been active in South Africa for more than 20 years and has accumulated many contacts in science and business. Several times a year he travels to Port Elizabeth and Pretoria. He is responsible for the organization of the Winterschool, which this year has already been held for the third time in cooperation with Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth. 

The university in Port Elizabeth and the University of Applied Science Osnabrueck have a good partnership since several years. Every semester several students fly to the Eastern Cape for study abroad programs. Lingen is located in the north of Germany, in Lower Saxony. Lower Saxony and the Eastern Cape have a close partnership with many projects since 1995.

The project is funded by the Federal State of Lower Saxony, Germany. 

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