Sovereign Third-Party Funds



Research and Cooperation (Forschung und Kooperation), Transfer and Innovationsmanagement (TIM) and the EU-Büro provide advice and support for applications by professors/scientists,. The administrative process for us begins with the approval of the third-party funded project. This includes:


  • Consulting, support and control regarding compliance with the regulations of individual funding lines (EU - Horizon 2020/ Interreg/EFRE, Federal Government, State, DFG, DBU, DAAD and others)
  • Administrative management (preparation of requests for funds and supporting documents)
  • Support in the preparation of project calculations for approved projects
  • Support in the preparation of reclassification requests and requests for postponement of funds
  • Preparation of notifications of required funds
  • Ongoing project controlling
  • Monitoring of external project audits