The Osnabrück Career Path to a Professorship at a University of Applied Sciences (UAS)


CarLa, short for “Career Lab Hochschule Osnabrück”, is a new project designed by the university to improve the application situation in appointment procedures. The goal is to recruit and professionally develop tenured faculty. The Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences is currently looking for interested early stage researchers, and is keen to attract both top talents and high potentials and to assist them on their path to a UAS professorship.

The core aspect of this project is to experimentally develop, pilot, and showcase the innovative model of an “Osnabrück Career Path” to a professorship at a UAS. Potential talents will be guided on their career path to a UAS professorship in a way that respects their individual strengths and needs, takes account of their different life situations, and opens up possibilities for professional development. This means providing flexible support to potential candidates – be it in the area of doctoral studies, or research, teaching, and professional experience – in a bid to enhance their ability to pursue a UAS career.


One unique component of CarLa is its long-term approach and the attention it gives to individual life situations and career plans. Combining individual professional development with different stages of family life must become a top priority to pave the way for women in particular to embark on a UAS professorship. Doing so will allow individual career planning, and demonstrate the university’s commitment as a modern and attractive employer.

The steps developed in CarLa are derived from a strategic profile of skills that the university will need from future professors. These skills relate to interdisciplinarity, digitalization, internationalization, and sustainability, as well as to gender and diversity awareness.


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Project Background

The CarLa Project will run until March 2027 on the basis of a grant awarded by the “FH-Personal” program, jointly funded by Germany’s federal and state governments. This program is designed to foster new impetus and open up the process of recruiting and developing future tenured staff at universities of applied sciences.

In addition to the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, over 60 other UAS have begun to create pathways for expanding the opportunities to recruit and develop future UAS professors. More information about the “FH-Personal” program co-financed by the federal and state governments is available (in German) here: