International Visiting Professors


To teach foreign students in a foreign country is as much a challenge as is being taught by a foreign professor. But it also is a very rewarding experience for both sides.

At Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, Internationalization at Home (or Campus Internationalization) is one of our most important goals. We want all our students to have the opportunity to make an intercultural experience during their studies, knowing that mobility is not everybody's choice. Therefore, we try to create as many opportunities  for visiting professors from our international partner universities as possible.

If you're interested in teaching with us, please let us know. There are opportunities for short term teaching projects, as well as semester exchanges with one of your colleagues from Osnabrück.

University Information

At least, we want to provide you some information about Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences in particular.

Living in Osnabrück

As you may live for the first time in a german town, we have collected some information about things, that need to be considered. We hope this will help you for a pleasant stay in Osnabrück.

Contact Center for International Mobility

Gunhild Grünanger

Head of Center for International Mobility
Room: AB 0016
Phone: 0541 969-2966

Contact International Faculty Offices

IFO Faculty for Agricultural Sciences and
Landscape Architecture

Alissa Ziegler
Phone: 0541 969-5328

IFO Faculty Engineering and
Computer Science

Elke Turner
Phone: 0541 969-2183

IFO FacultyManagement,
Culture and Technology

Katharina Freitag
Phone: 0591 800 98-299

IFO Faculty Business Management
and Social Sciences

Fides Kammann-Lippelt
Phone: 0541 969-3816


IFO Academy of Music

Martin Löcherbach
Phone: 0541 969-7049