European Turfgrass ConferenceCall for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts: 4th ETS Conference 2014 Osnabrueck, Germany

The 4th ETS International Turfgrass Conference will be held at

the University of Applied Science Osnabrueck, July 6th to 9th 2014.

The overall theme of the ETS conference is:

Balancing turfgrass performance and sustainability

We invite all colleagues to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations.

We welcome abstracts from all disciplines.

To encourage a ‘systemic approach’ to the study of turfgrass, where multidisciplinary teams approach turf roles and functions at different levels, from genetic studies to investigations of the whole ecological system.

To consider turf knowledge in its broadest sense, viz. functional areas of sport and leisure, its role in the urban quality and in mitigation of environmental alterations.

ETS has developed two categories of papers/posters,

They will be published in two offprint publications of the magazines

European Journal of Horticulture Science (EJHS with impactfactor),

European Journal of Turfgrass Science (EJTS).

  • “Technical Scientific” oral presentation/ poster,

it will be included in the conference offprint publications (EJHS or EJTS).

  • “Practical Technical” oral presentation/poster,

more orientated to industrial communications. It will be included in the conference offprint publication of EJTS.

The ETS wishes to encourage presentations from all professionals where they can explain their practical experiences.

Please take note of the following DEADLINES for the submission of papers:

October 31st 2013:

  • Title and short abstract (max. 200 words)
  • Approval (2 pages / full paper) or rejection by November 15st 2013

January 15th 2014:

  • Extended abstract (2 pages) or full scientific paper (8 – 10 pages)

April 1st 2014

  • Review completion

Please respect the deadline! Send files in MS Word for Windows format only.

Hard copies or disks are not required. Maximum file size: 5 MB.

Abstracts must be sent to Chief Editor, Alessandra Zuin:

Information about manuscript and presentation regulation please visit:

For more information on ETS and the 4th ETS Conference at the University of applied Science Osnabrueck, please contact

General Instructions for submitting abstracts for the 4th ETS-Conference

Datei als Download

An abstract is a single paragraph summary of your talk or poster and limited

to 200 words or less.

The abstract should be concise and to the point:

  • Introduction
  • Scope or research objectives of your study (one or two sentences).
  • Brief description methods and materials (one or two sentences).
  • Results or key findings (one or two sentences, be specific enough but state only your main points).
  • Conclusions (one sentence).
  • Do not include literature citations or references to figures or tables.
  • Use standard English language


Short abstracts (max. 200 words) due by September 30th 2013.

Please respect the deadline! Send files in MS Word for Windows format only.

Hard copies or disks are not required. Maximum file size: 5 MB.

For further information, please contact the Organizing Committee


Chief Editor, Alessandra Zuin, E-mail:

Authors instructions